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Category: Research, Press release

Many cell types in our body, such as fibroblasts, immune cells but also cancer cells, are able to actively migrate and squeeze through the tiny pores and cell layers in our tissue. Similarly, blood cells are passively pushed and squeezed through narrow capillaries. In both cases, the deformability o...

Category: Press release

Human cells can be easily deformed — they stretch or become squashed under external pressure. The relationship between force and cell deformation changes in diseases such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease, as well as muscle disorders. To gain a better understanding of these diseases it...

Category: News and Announcements

Penguin Observatory is on the move to Antarctica Our penguin observatory is on the research vessel “Polarstern”  on its way to Antarctica.  It will arrive there around Dec 20th. We hope that the observatory will not be battered too much by braking waves.

Category: Research, Press release

Emperor penguins are able to maintain the tight huddle that protects them from the harsh conditions of an Antarctic winter with stop-and-go movements like cars in a traffic jam. By using a mathematical model that computes the positions, movements and interactions of individual penguins in a huddle, ...