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Fiducial marker beads, during a Magnetic Tweezer measurement, tracked using ClickPoints.

Masks for penguin classification drawn in ClickPoints.


ClickPoints is a versatile software that allows view collections of images and analyze them for scientific evaluations. ClickPoints combines and streamlines the three main steps of image analysis – visualization, annotation and evaluation – in one program.

The core features are:

  • efficiently review large data sets of images and videos
  • annotate interesting findings
  • facilitate manual and automatic evaluations. Clicking and selecting objects with simple markers, drawing masks and computing trajectories, up to
  • custom-written Python add-ons for adapting or extending the available features.
  • reduce development time by utilizing ClickPoints’ display, interface and storage solutions.
  • extensive data base application programming interface to facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of results.
  • cross-platform support for Windows and Linux
  • released under the GPLv3 license.

Download, documentation and numerous examples are available at


Richard Gerum, Sebastian Richter, Ben Fabry and Daniel Zitterbart.
ClickPoints: an expandable toolbox for scientific image annotation and analysis
Methods Ecol Evol. doi:10.1111/2041-210X.12702