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Category: Research, Press release

Chemotaxis enables cells to systematically approach distant targets that emit a diffusible guiding substance. However, the visual observation of an encounter between a cell and a target does not necessarily indicate the presence of a chemotactic approach mechanism, as even a blindly migrating cell c...

Category: Research, Press release

Rheologic models consisting of combinations of linear elements, such as and dashpots, are widely used in biophysics to describe the mechanical and, in particular, the viscoelastic behavior of proteins, cells, tissue, and soft matter. Even simple arrangements with few elements often suffice to recapi...

Category: Research, Press release

Cells in the lungs, the heart, and numerous other organs, are constantly exposed to dynamic forces and deformations. To mimic these dynamic mechanical loading conditions and to study the resulting cellular responses such as morphological changes or the activation of biochemical signaling pathways, c...