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work-in-progress seminar

Our work-in-progress seminars take place on Tuesdays from 10:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m., at room 00.020 (seminar room), Henkestrasse 91

Date Speaker Topic Remarks
02. July 2019 Prof. Dr. Michael Schmiedeberg Phase field crystal theories
25. Jun 2019 Mona Seifert Uncovering genetic sequences impairing RNA virus genome replication for the development of vaccines
04. Jun 2019 Ingo Thievessen Coupling Cell Protrusion and Adhesion in Migrating Cells
28. May 2019 Tina Czerwinski Immune cell migration in a 3D environment
21. May 2019 Julia Kraxner Stretching Behavior of Single Vimentin Filaments
14. May 2019 Lena Fischer Cellular stress responses in biofabrication processes.
30. Apr 2019 Christoph Mark Collective Forces of Tumor Spheroids in 3D Biopolymer Networks
23. Apr 2019 Marina Spörrer Generation of functional skeletal muscle tissue from satellite cells.
20. Mar 2019 Christopher Dürrbeck How to keep magnetic tweezer forces under control Master's Defense
26. Feb 2019 Lisa Gebhardt Lysophosphatidic acid activates glial cells
22. Jan 2019 Elham Mirzahosseini
(Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
Microrheology of Red Blood Cells Interview
17. Jan 2019 Sebastian Richter Computer vision-aided biophysical and ecological studies of Antarctic species Doktorverteidigung
15. Jan 2019 Michael Hlavatsch Characterization of biological fluids and cells with particle tracking microrheology Master's Defense
18. Dec 2018 David Böhringer Modelling and measuring contractile forces of tumor spheroids and muscle fibers in synthetic tissue matrices Master's Defense
24. Oct 2018
12.00 a.m. at lecture hall H
Prof. Dr. Josef Käs Cancer Metastasis - A new type of unjamming transition Note different time and location: Lecture hall H at Staudtstrasse 5
23. Oct 2018 Christoph Mark Heterogene stochastische Prozesse in komplexen Systemen Doktorverteidigung
24. Oct 2018 Sebastian Sanokovski Automatisierte Detektion von Immunzellen in einer 3-D Matrix mit Machine Learning Bachelorvortrag
17. Oct 2018
12.00 a.m. at lecture hall C
Dr. David Dulin Magnetic tweezers to study gene machines at the single-molecule level Note different time and location: Lecture hall C at Staudtstrasse 5
16. Oct 2018 Dr. Kenneth Chih-Wei Chen WNT5A triggers activation of latent TGFβ via force transduction and further promotes tissue fibrosis
14. Oct 2018 Prof. Dr. Robert Endres Information processing by the ‘probrain’: how bacteria sense and respond to chemicals lecture hall Henkestr. 91
19. Jun 2018 Marina Spoerrer Desmin and the Biomechanical Behavior of Skeletal Muscle
12. Jun 2018 Julia Lell Mechanische Konditionierung von Kardiomyozyten
29. May 2018 Richard Gerum Jamming and Glass Transitions in King Penguin Colonies During Breeding
15. May 2018 Christoph Mark How To Make Money at the Stock Exchange
8. May 2018 Mona Seifert Force Measurement of the RNA Polymerase Motor Using Magnetic Tweezers
24. Apr 2018 Delf Kah A Bioreactor System for Fabrication, Stimulation, and Characterization of Muscle Micro Tissues
17. Apr 2018 Claus Metzner Interaction Potentials Between Cells