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Bachelor/Master Projects

We offer Bachelor and Master projects for students of Physics, Materials Physics, Integrated Life Sciences (ILS), Medical Engineering, Materials Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Biology, Mathematics etc.

Depending on your interests and qualifications (skills in coding, electronics, etc.) we provide a multitude of cell biological and biophysical problems suitable for Bachelor and Master projects. Since each of our student projects is in close relation with ongoing research, we continuously have new or adapted topics to offer, including but not limited to: characterization of tumor cell metastasis, proteins of the focal adhesion complex, and proteins of the cytoskeleton with advanced biophysical methods (including development of these methods), such as magnetic tweezing, 3-D traction microscopy, migration analysis, microrheology, cell stretching, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of the following project ideas or to find projects that suits your interests.

Cell Stretching

  • Build cell stretching device with linear stepper motor and arduino microcontroler, software programming, and measurement of stretch response of different cell types (cardiac/skeletal muscle cells, endothelial cells, etc.) in 2-D and 3-D environments

Rotating Penguin Huddles

  • Analysis of penguin movement in huddle
  • Simulation of rotating huddles

Trajectory Predications

  • Test and comparison (Bayes, Kallman Filter, Particle Filter) on different data sets (cells, penguins, birds)

Invasion Assay Algorithms

  • Port software from MATLAB to python, output in clickpoints format, evaluation and improvement with test datasets (40TB)

Rotational Stage For Magnetic Tweezing

  • Building a rotational stage for magnetic tweezing with python and arduino code

TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy)

  • Control with arduino code, adjust optical path, take measurement of different probes in TIRF mode

Surface Tension of Tear Fluids

  • Port software from MATLAB to python and collect data with different fluids (tears, etc)