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work-in-progress seminar

Our work-in-progress seminars take place on Tuesdays from 10-15 a.m.-11.45 a.m., at room 00.020 (seminar room), Henkestrasse 91

Aug. 14th Special Seminar at the lecture hall at Henestr. 91 (upstairs from the seminar room)
Prof. Dr. Rober Endres, Imperial College London, will speak about

Information processing by the ‘probrain’: how bacteria sense and respond to chemicals

Despite their minuscule size, bacteria achieve feats of engineering with impressive evolutionary designs. This interest has also translated into a number of seminal theoretical works. In 1977, Howard Berg and Edward Purcell viewed the cell as a small measuring device, and estimated its sensing accuracy from molecular diffusion. In 1999, Tom Duke and Dennis Bray wondered how cells achieve their high sensitivity to detect small changes in stimuli, and considered Ising-like receptor cluster models to explain signal amplification. More recently, the development of new measurement technologies such as in vivo FRET and super-resolution imaging led to a renaissance in modelling efforts to describe signal amplification, integration, and precise adaptation, as well as information flow in the pathway from receptors to flagellated rotary motors. In this talk, I will describe my own explorations of bacterial chemo-sensing, with a number of fundamental unsolved problems remaining. Solving these questions will further our understanding of host-pathogen infections and aid the design of novel high-sensitivity biosensors.


Date Speaker Topic Remarks
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12 June 2018 Julia Lell Mechanische Konditionierung von Kardiomyozyten
19 June 2018 Marina Spoerrer Desmin and the Biomechanical Behavior of Skeletal Muscle
14 Aug 2018 Prof. Dr. Robert Endres Information processing by the ‘probrain’: how bacteria sense and respond to chemicals lecture hall Henkestr. 91